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Can you find more income?

Find more income to reduce your debt faster. All extra income you make can be applied to reducing debt.

Some quick income adding ideas:

  • Ask for a raise at work.
  • Find antoher job that pays more or costs you less than your present one. Just be sure you have that other job before you quit your present one.
  • Work more hours on the job if it pays overtime.
  • Find a second job including self-employment. What can you do for pay?
  • Sell something you don't need or don't use. Many of us live with too much "stuff". What can you sell?
  • Do you get an income tax refund? Adjust your withholding to put more in your paycheck that can be applied to your debt.
  • What do you usually do with gifts and refunds? Consider them extra income.

Remember, all extra income goes first to pay down debt, then to add to your savings.

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